Our team

Our team consists mainly of dynamic women at your disposal to give you advice and search the best rates.
To ensure a responsive service and quality, our countertop agents are regularly trained on sales of latest generation systems, such as Amadeus, and participate in workshops and workshops to soak specific techniques to different airlines.


Globe-Trotter essentially provides services related to the ticket: reservations and emissions from transportation in several accredited IATA airlines worldwide.
The agency also offers hotel booking and car rental.

Travel Insurance

In partnership with AXA GABON, Globe-Trotter offers travel insurance packages to ensure your peace of mind.


Because our vision embraces new horizons, we are able to anticipate changes. We now offer travel tomorrow. We are pushing the boundaries, both in what we do that the way we do. Revolutionize business travel: this is our passion.


Creativity is our strength. With a talented team, outstanding products, an open mind and customers asked to address unique and complex challenges: how could it be otherwise?


Business trips are not just about technology and system. What matters is what we do for others, with others. To put it simply, we love to help others. Our priority is our customers, colleagues and partners.


We fulfill our commitments, and we make no promise that we are not able to hold. We do what we say, with warmth, humor and a strong dose of reflection. That's what makes our success.

The collective strength

We always strive to exceed our financial goals and expectations of our customers, colleagues and shareholders. We develop our human resources, offering exceptional opportunities for our employees and recruiting new talent whose abilities tenfold the strength of a team of an already formidable efficiency. We strive to expand our presence in the world, and in collaboration with our customers.



Find us

769, Avenue du Colonel Parant
BP 311 Libreville - Gabon

Phone : (00 241) 11 77 35 77
Cel : (00 241) 77 50 72 73

E-mail : contact@globetrottergabon.com